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Special Forces Survivor Fund


The Special Forces Survivor Fund will provide financial aid, based on need, to the family members and/or loved ones of U.S. Army Special Forces (Q-course Qualified) personnel who were killed or injured in an Operational or Training accident.


1 Transportation to and from hospitals for visitation as well as Lodging accommodations for hospital visitations.
2 Alterations or wheelchair ramps/sidewalks for needed homes.
3 Purchase of special needs vehicles for lose or injury of limbs.
4 For any other needs deemed necessary by the Special Forces Survivor Fund directors.

At no cost to the United States Army Special Forces or to the men or their families or friends of Special Forces personnel who are killed or wounded in action or killed in training, the Special Forces Survivor Fund will help to provide financial aid during recovery not covered by other Department of Defense funding when necessary.

Further, the Special Forces Survivor Fund will raise sufficient funds to cover the cost to disperse the financial aid to the Special Forces men and their loved ones in accordance with such resolutions as approved by the board of directors of the Special Forces Survivor Fund.

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